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Oil Storage Tank for transformer oil

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Oil Storage Tank for transformer oil

We provide Oil Storage tank on hire/ rental for storage of transformer oil. The tank is specifically used in the transformer oil and it is specially designed and manufactured keeping in mind the filtration of transformer oil.

We rent oil storage tank on per day, per month as per the requirement of the customer.

Capacity :

  • 6 KL
  • 8 KL
  • 12 KL
  • 15 KL
  • 20 KL
  • 23 KL
  • 25 KL
  • 60 KL etc to suit as per requirements

Features :

  • It is painted with heat and transformer oil resistant paint from inside.
  • It is equipped with Silica Gel breather.
  • The inlet and outlet valves are kept diagonal and designed to suit the requirement of transformer oil filtration.
  • The tank is designed keeping in mind the transportation to ensure low cost transportation at site.
  • It is used in new transformer oil and when used for used transformer oil it is cleaned with fresh transformer oil.
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