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Transformer Oil Filtration Plants

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Transformer Oil Filtration Plants

We are manufacturing Custom built High-Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration And Dehydration Plants as per IS 335-1993 for new transformer oil and Is 1866 for used transformer oil. Our high standard vacuum filtration and dehydration plants removes moisture (free as well as dissolved), gases, dirt and oxidation products from mineral-based and synthetic, silicon oils and others. Systems are in flow rates from 100 LPH to 12000 LPH. These plants work on low temperature, high vacuum principle. Plants mainly consist of heating, filtration and vacuum system. The plant are generally confirm to is-6034-1989 and its latest revision.

We are manufacturing oil filtration plant since 1080 and have more than 400 satisfied customers all over the world.

The oil filtration plant can be manufactured on Skid, Roller, tyre, vehicle as per your request. The plant are weather proofed suitable for outdoor. All components have adequate strength and rigidity to withstand normal conditions of handling transport and usage and shall be free from edges or corners to avoid injury to operating personnel in normal conditions of use. The design of the plant shall be such that if required the part/s can easily be replaced.

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