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Transformer Oil Storage Tank

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Transformer Oil Storage Tank

The Tanks are designed horizontally or vertically as per the requirement. It is manufactured in our well equipped workshop with our qualified welders as per the requirement and IS standard. It is specially designed to store Transformer Oil with the rated capacity at 1000C and is painted with transformer oil and heat resistant paint inside the tank. The tank shall be also fitted with manhole, outside & inside acess ladder, Silica gel breather assembly, inlet & outlet valve, oil sampling valve with suitable adopter, Oil draining valve, air vent etc. Towing bar is provided for pulling of mobile tank. Oil level indicator is also provided with liter marking.

Capacity form 2 KL to 30 KL & more


  1. The tank is Mobile and easily movable with pneumatic or solid tyres.
  2. The tank is painted with Heat and Oil resistant paint inside the tank.
  3. It is provided with Silica Gel breather for removal of outside dust and moisture entering the tank.
  4. RTO approved design.
  5. Fulfills all requirement as per the need of transformer manufacturers and oil filtration.


  1. Transformer Oil Filtration
  2. Transformer Oil Storage
  3. Oil removal from Transformer
  4. Internal movement of oil in Sub Station

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